Custom multimedia exhibits

Most of the time we don't have your product off the shelf.

But we have a well-stocked toolkit to engineer a solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Media guide

A digital guide for exhibitions, audio tours and nature trails on your visitors' mobile devices.

Content maintenance can be conveniently carried out via a modern content management system.


Switch your entire exhibition on and off with a touch of a button.

Digital Signage

A CMS-backed digital signage system for your information displays in shop windows and lobbies.

Tooloop OS

We have developed a Linux operating system that is optimized for media installations in public spaces – secure, stable and flexible.

Error messages, taskbars, mouse pointer and all the other usual disturbances of an experience simply do not exist in Tooloop OS.

With Tooloop OS, media servers can easily be managed, maintained and monitored in the network.

Standard applications as well as your custom ones can be installed via the App Center.

Tooloop OS is open source and can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Tooloop OS